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In June of 2014, Kuafu Properties, in partnership with Siras Development, acquired a site in the burgeoning Hudson Yards district to develop a 320,000 SF mixed-use building.  Upon completion, the project, containing luxury residential condominiums, a full service hotel, lifestyle residential units and retail spaces, will be an architecture revolution marking the beginning of a new era for the Hudson Yards district.

The Property is located on Eleventh Avenue between 37th and 38th streets, directly across from the Jacob Javits Center and immediately west of the new Hudson Boulevard in the heart of the Hudson Yards District. Soon to be linked with Highline Park and the new No.7 subway extension, the Hudson Yards has one of the largest parcels of undeveloped land in New York and is currently undergoing historic development to become the city center of the future. Upon completion of such development, the Hudson Yards will completely shift the focus of the Big Apple and become a new Manhattan signature. Hudson Rise will be one of the first skyscrapers to stand in this brand new neighborhood and to lead its ultra-luxury market.

The Hudson Rise is located within the Hudson Yards district–a future central business district for New York according to city planning. The New York City Department of Planning suggests on its official website that 111 million square feet of new office space will be needed in New York to accommodate 440,000 new workers by 2025. Out of this need, midtown Manhattan will be anticipated to provide 45 million square feet according to its historical share. However, studies have shown that midtown may only be able to support 20 million square feet with its current structures. Facing such limitations on land, the last piece of unutilized land in Manhattan—Hudson Yards, is missioned to serve New York with its great demand.

The New York City has dedicated in multiple public improvement projects to this area to help accomplish this important mission, including a $2.4 billion extension of the No. 7 subway to 34th street and 11th avenue, a $465 million renovation of the Jacob Javits Convention center, a $440 million renovation of the Hudson River park and $267 million renovation of Moynihan Station. Moreover, the extremely successful attraction that recently revitalized West Side New York—the Highline Park, will be extended to Hudson Yards, adding charisma as well as tourist tractions to the area. Since its opening in June 2009, the Highline Park has attracted tens of millions of visitors; the area surrounding the Park also experienced significant development, attracting many new residents as well as global companies such as Google.

Currently in the Hudson Yards district, the work to build the largest private development project in New York since the Rockefeller center has already begun. By 2018, five office towers, a major retail center with 100+ shops, along with 14 acres of public spaces will together be the heart of the new Hudson Yards central business district. Just like the Rockefeller center and the Grand Central Terminal, the naissance of the Hudson Yards will mark the beginning of a new era for New York City. As a part of this historical change, Hudson Rise will be a pioneer with infinite potential leading the development of this market.

The Hudson Rise Tower will be a 42-story signature building, composed of approximately 34,000 square feet of flagship retail space featuring full-glass display, a 240-rooms luxury hotel, 88 lifestyle condos and 42 ultra-luxury residential condos. All the condo units as well as the hotel units will have phenomenal Hudson River and/or Manhattan skyline views to enjoy.

A highlight of Hudson Rise is the Shanghai Club. Designed to host the business elite, trend setters and style wayfarers from China and other eastern power centers, the Shanghai club sets a window for New York to learn from eastern creativity, drive and philosophy. Despite the burgeoning of Chinatowns (now five and counting) in the greater New York area and its heritage of multiculturalism, New York has yet to offer the Chinese entrepreneur diaspora a place to call home, a place that speaks of the East, the West and of universal Luxury. The birth of Shanghai Club will soon fulfill this compelling need and give Hudson Rise a unique attraction to those who fancy the eastern world.

The penthouse on top of the building, “Sky Villa”, will be a masterpiece of ultimate luxury. Owning both the Hudson River view and the Manhattan skyline, the Sky Villa will be the one of the first penthouses in New York to have an edgeless pool of its own.

Due to its prime location within the Hudson Yards district–an upcoming, future Central Business District of Manhattan, Hudson Rise has great potential;

Hudson Rise is surrounded by many phenomenal public improvement projects such as the No.7 line subway extension, renovation of Jacob Javits Center, High Line park, Hudson River Park, etc; upon completion of the Hudson Yards development plan, Hudson Rise will have over 20 acres of public green spaces within its close neighborhood;

Standing at 42 stories, both the hotel and luxury condo residences at Hudson Rise will be able to enjoy stunning views of Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline;

The Manhattan market has great demand for hotels and lifestyle Condos;

Project is led by a team of highly-experienced New York developers as well as world-class architects and designers;